reflect and smile

Does anyone else ever wonder if Hafsa has her ears pierced?

Great. Fucking. Night.

New year, new life.

I don’t want to put all my clothes away… They’re just piled up on my bed.

Why do I have so many amazing clothes;).

Maybe I’ll just watch That 70’s Show some more… Yeah sounds good.

And I’ll have conversations with myself since everyone else is sleeping. Haha.

lol.  that’s what I did too.

I want to buy a bunch of old huge ass fans at the end of the year and give them to all the teachers I’ve had throughout high school. Just because I’m their biggest fan.

And cuz it’ll piss them off and it’d be funny. Muahahaha

I would be the greatest dad ever! I’m sure of it.

If the world does really end tomorrow and you have something you feel you need to say to me, let me know. Find a way, but let me know.

Still not ready for tomorrow… Goodnight.

Life is moving so fast. This last 2 months seems to have had more going on than the last 18 years combined.

I am having sex with one noid right now



Get it? I’m fucking annoyed.


nah… not so much.. but this still seems appropriate

(via authenticoriginal)

Sometimes I go looking for a fight… do I want to make this one of those times or not? I can’t decide

Today I realize that I’m more confused and conflicted than I’ve been in a long time.

Nothing wrong with aim, just gotta change the target.

So far today has been both better and worse than I expected.

99 Problems is the first song I am listening to as an adult… huh. 

Nothing wrong with aim, just gotta change the target.

Finals week is going to hit me like Chris Brown hit Rihanna.